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Meeting shows support for a Prescott Valley YMCA

The Daily Courier – August 01, 2008

Prescott Valley, AZ – A future YMCA presence here enjoys strong support, judging by nearly 80 people who attended a meeting Thursday night in the Civic Center.  However, supporters need to form a committee and raise an estimated $450,000 to $500,000 to sustain a new YMCA for three years, said Allan Klinikowski, executive director of the Prescott YMCA. More than 30 people filled out signup sheets expressing interest in hearing from YMCA representatives in Prescott.

Prescott Valley YMCA

The community meets at least one criterion that Klinikowski mentioned at the meeting: a population base of about 25,000 people. Prescott Valley has about 38,000 residents. (…)

“We have to decide who wants to lead the charge, ” Skoog said. He added YMCA supporters could meet in the Civic Center.  Some audience members said they had ties with the YMCA dating to their childhoods. They included families, single mothers and senior citizens. At least two women in the audience said they formerly belonged to the YMCA in Prescott and canceled their memberships in part because of gas prices.

Gas prices cost $160 a month for five trips to the YMCA a week from Dewey-Humboldt, said Lynette Schauwecker, a website designer. That is nearly triple what she paid in monthly dues for her family of five. She said she “definitely” would join a YMCA if one came to Prescott Valley.

Ditto for Jennifer Fonda, a single mom who lives in Coyote Springs northwest of Prescott Valley. “And I would do what I could to help,” said Fonda, who is self-employed.  YMCA board member Jim Atkinson, a Prescott attorney, said he was “very impressed” with the turnout. “We are very excited to work with this group.”

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