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I was back east last month (September 2009) and I took three days to go cemetery hopping in Upstate New York, taking as many photos of Fonda gravestones as I could.  I hit 11 cemeteries in 5 counties and shot about 150 gravestones of Fonda’s, most of which have not been taken before, to my knowledge.  Here is the list… if you would like any of these images I would be glad to forward a high-res file, or you can wait until I get them all posted on Find-A-Grave in med-res within the next month (now done).  I have about 110 Fonda gravestone photos already posted there from various sources.  I appreciate all those who have contributed to this collection.  Special thanks to Adrienne Buckland Knight who accompanied me at the Caughnawaga and Evergreen cemeteries and to Darlene and Larry Nielsen who pointed me in the right direction in Albany.  Here are a few of the nicer gravestone photos which I just took:

AlbanyRuralCemetery Abram Fonda (1826-1881)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Abram F. Lansing (1803-1883)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Alice R. Fonda (1874-1879)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Ann Lansing Fonda (1781-1831)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Anthony William Fonda (1808-1833)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Arthur M. Fonda (1877-1880)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Cornelius Vandenberg Fonda (1839-1857)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Dirckje A. Lansing (Fonda) (1780-1846)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Dow Abraham Fonda (1776-1868)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Edward Leonard Fonda (1831-1916)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Eldert Raymond Fonda (1834-1864)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Elizabeth B. Tripp (Fonda) (1839-1921)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Elizabeth Oothout (Fonda) (1779-1858)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Elmer Fonda (1883-1918)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Elsje W. Douwe (Fonda) (1731-1823)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Frank M. Fonda (1874-1882)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Gysbert Nicholas Fonda (1725-1788)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Hendrikje V. Lansing (Fonda) (1749-1840)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Henry Tripp Fonda (1862-1883)
AlbanyRuralCemetery J. E. Frederick (1860-1898)
AlbanyRuralCemetery James O. Fonda (1877-1896)
AlbanyRuralCemetery James Wagoner (1844-1930)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Jane (Fonda) Lansing (1802-1878)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Jane E. Vandenberg (Fonda) (1818-1887)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Jennie Winslow Fonda (1879-1884)
AlbanyRuralCemetery John Isaac Fonda (1825-1904)
AlbanyRuralCemetery John V. Burt (1847-1893)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Lucille Fonda (1870-1916)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Lyntje (Fonda) Lush (1761-1832)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Magdalena Bogaert Fonda (1798-1838)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Mary A. (Fonda) Wagoner (1842-1931)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Mary E. Farrell (Fonda) (1851-1887)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Mary Effie (Fonda) Frederick (1860-1898)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Mary J. (Potter) Fonda (1834-1882)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Mary Josephine (Sheppard) Fonda (1832-1876)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Mellissa A. McCollum (Fonda) (1845-1914)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Rebecca Bogaert Fonda (1789-1855)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Richard Dirck Lush (1757-1827)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Sarah A. (Fonda) Burt (1850-1935)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Sarah Adams (Stearns) Fonda (1844-1926)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Willempje B. Bogaert (Fonda) (1757-1832)
AlbanyRuralCemetery William John Fonda (1839-1913)
AlbanyRuralCemetery Willie John Fonda (1865-1866)
AmityReformedDutchChurch Anna Margaret Fonda (1821-1823)
AmityReformedDutchChurch Florence L. (Adsit) Fonda (1893-1987)
AmityReformedDutchChurch Jacob Isaac Fonda (1790-1832)
AmityReformedDutchChurch Margaret (Spire) Fonda (1827-1911)
AmityReformedDutchChurch Margaret Eleanor Fonda (1868-1934)
AmityReformedDutchChurch Maria (Myers) Fonda (1788-1871)
AmityReformedDutchChurch Philip Augustus Fonda (1822-1903)
AmityReformedDutchChurch William C. Fonda (1890-1976)
BloomingGroveCemetery Anna M. (DeFreest) Fonda (1870-1946)
BloomingGroveCemetery Catharine (Fisher) Fonda (1815-1883)
BloomingGroveCemetery Cornelia (VanAlstyne) Fonda (1833-1889)
BloomingGroveCemetery Earl Sanford Fonda (1895-1918)
BloomingGroveCemetery Edward John Fonda (1850-1931)
BloomingGroveCemetery Edward S. Fonda (1890-1890)
BloomingGroveCemetery Emma J. (Lont) Fonda (1852-1905)
BloomingGroveCemetery Engeltje (Fonda) Crego (1802-1824)
BloomingGroveCemetery Gertrude W. (DeFreest) Fonda (1778-1858)
BloomingGroveCemetery Johannes Janse Fonda (1776-1809)
BloomingGroveCemetery John J. Fonda (1799-1876)
BloomingGroveCemetery John M. Fonda (1848-1863)
BloomingGroveCemetery John VanAlstyne Fonda (1821-1887)
BloomingGroveCemetery Joseph Leonard Makkoo (1896-1974)
BloomingGroveCemetery Matthew VanAlstyne Fonda (1823-1899)
BloomingGroveCemetery Rachel C. (Fonda) Makkoo (1902-1989)
BloomingGroveCemetery Rachel C. (Lansing) Fonda (1828-1890)
BloomingGroveCemetery Sanford Lansing Fonda (1867-1937)
Broadalbin-MayfieldRuralCemetery Andrew John Fonda (1822-1877)
Broadalbin-MayfieldRuralCemetery Edna M. (Bunn) Fonda (1894-1967)
Broadalbin-MayfieldRuralCemetery Eliza (Chadsey) Fonda (1822-1874)
Broadalbin-MayfieldRuralCemetery Helen R. (Aesch) Fonda (1925-2000)
Broadalbin-MayfieldRuralCemetery Hugh Willis Fonda (1921-1979)
Broadalbin-MayfieldRuralCemetery Jerusha Fonda (1827-1916)
Broadalbin-MayfieldRuralCemetery John A. Fonda (1788-1849)
Broadalbin-MayfieldRuralCemetery Katharine M. (Fonda) McQuatters (1933-2008)
Broadalbin-MayfieldRuralCemetery Richard K. Fonda (1923-1999)
Broadalbin-MayfieldRuralCemetery Sophia (Benedict) Fonda (1789-1866)
Broadalbin-MayfieldRuralCemetery Van Willis Fonda (1889-1943)
CaughnawagaCemetery Abram A. VanHorne (1790-1871)
CaughnawagaCemetery Barent Jellise Fonda (1775-1788)
CaughnawagaCemetery Debora W. (Veeder) Fonda (1710-1776)
CaughnawagaCemetery Douw Jellis Fonda (1700-1780)
CaughnawagaCemetery Emma Jane (Copp) Fonda (1854-1938)
CaughnawagaCemetery Garret Douw Fonda (1829-1831)
CaughnawagaCemetery Garret T. B. Fonda (1808-1879)
CaughnawagaCemetery Henry V. Fonda (1769-1799)
CaughnawagaCemetery Jane Yates (Fonda) VanHorne (1792-1881)
CaughnawagaCemetery Jannetje W. (Vrooman) Fonda (1730-1804)
CaughnawagaCemetery Jellis Douw Fonda (1727-1791)
CaughnawagaCemetery Maritje H. (Vrooman) Fonda (1698-1756)
CaughnawagaCemetery Neeltje E. (Briese) Fonda (1739-1820)
CaughnawagaCemetery Rachel (Polhemus) Fonda (1809-1844)
CaughnawagaCemetery Winfield Scott Fonda (1853-1933)
EvergreenCemetery_Fonda Albert Abrahamse Veeder (1769-1842)
EvergreenCemetery_Fonda Alice (Chapman) Fonda (1900-1965)
EvergreenCemetery_Fonda Carol (Fonda) Dillenbeck (1939-1985)
EvergreenCemetery_Fonda Edgar L. Fonda Jr (1913-)
EvergreenCemetery_Fonda Edgar L. Fonda Sr (1890-1969)
EvergreenCemetery_Fonda Edith D. (Neville) Fonda (1891-1980)
EvergreenCemetery_Fonda Edith D. Fonda (1929-)
EvergreenCemetery_Fonda Edith V. Fonda (1881-1959)
EvergreenCemetery_Fonda Ernest George Fonda (1924-2000)
EvergreenCemetery_Fonda Florence French Fonda (1880-1974)
EvergreenCemetery_Fonda Gorton Rosa Fonda (1884-1973)
EvergreenCemetery_Fonda Howard N. Fonda (1928-1937)
EvergreenCemetery_Fonda Isaiah H. Fonda (1847-1925)
EvergreenCemetery_Fonda Lydia (Sammons) Fonda (1848-1938)
EvergreenCemetery_Fonda Melba M. (Devenpeck) Fonda (1917-)
EvergreenCemetery_Fonda Nellie (Rosa) Fonda (1856-1933)
EvergreenCemetery_Fonda Simeon S. Fonda (1878-1951)
EvergreenCemetery_Fonda Thomas Fonda (1854-1925)
FerndaleCemetery Florence M. (Tiffeny) Fonda (1915-1996)
FerndaleCemetery Jennie A. (Young) Fonda (1858-1936)
FerndaleCemetery Katherine Fonda (1879-1944)
FerndaleCemetery William H. Fonda (1855-1933)
FerndaleCemetery William H. Fonda (1865-1944)
FondaCemetery_Colonie A- Fonda (183x-186x)
FondaCemetery_Colonie Abraham A. Lansing (1779-1849)
FondaCemetery_Colonie Ann (Fonda) Lansing (1786-1850)
FondaCemetery_Colonie Catherine Fonda (1816-1851)
FondaCemetery_Colonie Cornelius I. Fonda (1775-1827)
FondaCemetery_Colonie Henry I. Fonda (1771-1835)
FondaCemetery_Colonie Isaac C. Fonda (1796-1863)
FondaCemetery_Colonie Susannah C. (Vandenberg) Fonda (1748-1824)
GreenridgeCemetery Barton Cornelius Fonda (1818-1883)
GreenridgeCemetery D. Kent Fonda (1930-1998)
GreenridgeCemetery Eliza (Sadler) Fonda (1813-1844)
GreenridgeCemetery Esther A. (Reed) Fonda (1823-1848)
GreenridgeCemetery Esther M. (Lottridge) Fonda (1823-1894)
GreenridgeCemetery Frank M. Colgrove (1861-1925)
GreenridgeCemetery Gertrude (VanBenthuysen) Fonda (1823-1918)
GreenridgeCemetery Horace Cornelius Fonda (1809-1866)
GreenridgeCemetery Ida L. (Fonda) Colgrove (1856-1899)
GreenridgeCemetery Jeffrey G. Fonda (1952-1971)
GreenridgeCemetery Shirley A. (Hinman) Fonda (1932-)
JohnstownCemetery Bertha E. (Fonda) Eagan (1877-1964)
JohnstownCemetery Emeline (Edgar) Fonda (1859-1916)
JohnstownCemetery Frank Walter Fonda (1883-1896)
JohnstownCemetery Giles B. Fonda (1858-1935)
JohnstownCemetery Maud E. (Fonda) Payne (1881-1958)
JohnstownCemetery Thomas P. Eagan (1896-1978)
KnickerbockerCemetery Rebeckah (Fonda) Knickerbocker (1718-1800)
ProspectHillCemetery Anna M. Fonda (1874-1969)
ProspectHillCemetery Arthur Fonda (1863-1936)
ProspectHillCemetery Douw Henry Fonda (1877-1941)
ProspectHillCemetery Harland L. Fonda (1886-1947)
ProspectHillCemetery Harriet M. Fonda (1885-1958)
ProspectHillCemetery Henry Douw Fonda (1835-1888)
ProspectHillCemetery Jane (Fairbanks) Fonda (1846-1925)
ProspectHillCemetery Lillie S. (Wetherbee) Fonda (1869-1921)
ProspectHillCemetery Minerva F. Fonda (1871-1955)

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