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  1. Abraham Osterhout Fonda; Teacher of Mathematics at Washington Seminary in Claverack (later Hudson River Institute) where he instructed Martin Van Buren, General Van Ness and Robert Morris; Revolutionary War Officer (Captain); born 18-Jan-1744, died 1834 at 90 years of age; b. Claverack, Columbia, New York; d. Morgansville, Morgan, Ohio; m. 1st Rachel Van Valkenburg (1748-), dau. of John and Gertruy (Delameter) Van Valkenburg, having 3 children; and m., 2nd, Margaret Grimes, of Baltimore, who had nursed him in sickness; while in Baltimore he reportedly taught math to Jerome Bonaparte, Napoleon’s brother; DAR Patriot Index Centennial Edition.
  2. Alexander Paterson Fonda; Auditor, Revolutionary War Soldier; born 28-Apr-1793, died 3-Aug-1873 at 80 years of age; b. Wallkill, Orange, New York; 1870 US Census, Paterson 3-Wd, Passaic Co., New Jersey; d. Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey; attended Union College in Schenectady in 1833, law degree incomplete; auditor of the Hudson River railroad, and Freemason; War of 1812, Pliny Adams’ Regiment New York Militia, Corporal.
  3. Anthony Cornelius Fonda; Teacher, Civil War Soldier; born 6-Apr-1818, died 20-May-1893 at 75 years of age; b. Boght-Becker Dutch Reformed Church, Colonie, Albany, New York; a graduate of Union College in Schenectady in 1839, Latin Salutatory; 1850 U.S. Census, Mississippi, Tallahatchie, Subdivision 12; Company I, 2 Partisan Rangers, Mississippi, Sergeant Confederate; 1880 US Census, Beat 3, Tallahatchie, Mississippi; d. Charleston, Mississippi; inc. Tennessee DAR GRC Index.
  4. Cornelia Dockstader Fonda; Auditor, Librarian; Cornell University Graduate; Auditor of Hotel Johnstown, Librarian of Frothingham Library, Fonda, New York; born 16-Jul-1883, died Jul-5-1980 at 96 years of age; b. Fonda Farm, Town of Mohawk (near Fonda), Montgomery, New York; 1930 Census, New York, Montgomery, Mohawk, District 44; SSDI Fonda, Montgomery, New York; d. Johnstown Hosp., Johnstown, Fulton County, New York; bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Sand Flats, New York
  5. Erwin Roselle Fonda; Railroad Engineer, Civil War Soldier; born Oct-1844, died Aug-23-1919 at 74 years of age; b. Fulton, Oswego, New York; 1870 US Census, Wyoming, Lee, Illinois; 1880 United States Census, 4th Ward, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa; enlisted in the 147th New York and caught Typhoid Fever and was severely wounded as well. He went home to Illinois, then returned to the War as a Secretary to a Quartermaster. After the war he became an engineer with the Union Pacific and was headquartered at Omaha as of 1881. Service Record: Promoted to Full Corporal; Enlisted as a Private on 25 August 1862 at the age of 18; Enlisted in Company D, 147th Infantry Regiment New York on 23 September 1862. Mustered out Company D, 147th Infantry Regiment New York on 07 June 1865 in Washington, DC.
  6. Garret T. B. Fonda; Freight Agent New York C.R.R., Lawyer; middle name Teunis Briese; born 5-Apr-1808, died 7-Aug-1880 at 72 years of age; b. Reformed Protestant Dutch Church Of Caughnawaga, Fonda, Montgomery, New York; 1860 Census Records, Mohawk, Montgomery, New York; 1880 United States Census, District 2, Mohawk, Montgomery, New York; bur. Old Caughnawaga Cemetery, Fonda, New York.
  7. George Farrell Fonda; Fire Chief, Apothecary, Bank Director; born 6-Nov-1858, died Jun-19-1943 at 84 years of age; b. Augusta, Hancock, Illinois; 1880 United States Census, Boulder, Boulder, Colorado; 1930 Census, Colorado, Boulder, Boulder, District 47; res. Boulder, Co. where he was Fire Chief for many years, under volunteer and paid departments; sectaries for more…
  8. Gertrude L. Fonda; Real Estate Agent; born 1883; b. New Rochelle, New York; 1910 Census, New York, Westchester, New Rochelle, 4th Ward; 1930 Census, New York, Westchester, New Rochelle, District 249; had been engaged in 1904 to Daniel F. Tieman, 3rd, grandson of ex-Mayor Tieman of New York; engagement broken by mutual consent.
  9. James Robert Fonda; Blacksmith; born 29-Oct-1816, died 19-Jul-1891 at 74 years of age; b. West Troy, New York; res. Fulton, Oswego, New York; 1880 US Census, Wyoming, Lee, Illinois; res. Paw Paw Grove, Lee County, Illinois; James Robert Fonda was an orphan at 9 years old and became a Blacksmith. He married Alzina Bacon in December, 1837. She died on May 1st, 1852, leaving him with six children. He remarried to Jane E. Hendricks, the daughter of John Hendricks of Wayne County, New York.
  10. Mary Alice Seymour Fonda; Author; born 1837, died 1892 at 55 years of age; American Women. A revised edition of [Woman of the Century,] A comprehensive encyclopedia of the lives and achievements of American women during the nineteenth century. Two volumes, 1897; Women Novelists, 1891-1920. An index to biographical and autobiographical sources, 1984.


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