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  1. Kornelia Theodosia Andrews; born 1847, died 1913 at 66 years of age; daughter of Robert Emmet Andrews (Lawyer, Judge; born 1819 in New Lebanon, Columbia, New York) and Matilda Scudder Fonda; Kornelia was rescued from the sinking Titanic on 14-Apr-1912. A graduate of Oberlin College in Ohio, Miss Andrews was for many years a leader in society and charitable works in Hudson, New York. She was one of the Managers of the Hudson City Hospital since its founding, and was its Vice-President in 1912. Andrews was returning home on the Titanic to Hudson with her sister, Anna Hogeboom, and their twenty-one-year old niece, Gretchen Fiske Longley. All three ladies boarded in Southampton under first class ticket number 13502 (£77 19s 2d). Miss Andrews occupied cabin D-7. they were rescued in lifeboat 10.
  2. Neeltje (Eleanor) Briese; wife of Adam Douw Fonda; also referred to as “Lavina”; born 18-Mar-1738, died 15-Dec-1820 at 82 years of age; bur. Old Caughnawaga Cemetery, Fonda, New York; Neeltje is the g-g-granddaughter of the infamous Anneke Jans (1605-1663), who emigrated to New Amsterdam with her 1st husband, Roelof Janszen, on the ship “de Eendtacht” (the Unity) in 1630. Anneke was allegedly the granddaughter of William the Silent – (William I, Prince of Orange, 1533-1584 the father of the Dutch Republic). Both Anneke and Roelof were Norwegians by birth, but may have been of Dutch ancestry. they remained in New Amsterdam for a short time and then moved to Rensselaerwyck, on the Hudson, where Jan served as a farm superintendent for the wealthy Killian Van Rensselaer, a Director of the West Indies Company. In 1634, they moved back to New Amsterdam where Jan received a grant of 62 acres of land on the North (or Hudson) River, which is now Manhattan Island. After Jan’s death in 1637, Anneke married the Domine Everardus Bogardus (the Latinized form of Bogaert) in 1638. Bogardus died in 1647 and in 1657, Anneke moved to Beverwyck (Albany), New York She died in 1663 and is buried in the Middle Dutch Church Yard on Beaver Street, Albany, New York Harper’s Magazine in May 1885 had a very full and interesting account of Anneke Jans’ farm on the Hudson (known as “Domine’s Bowery”), which became the property of Trinity Church causing a huge land dispute, finally dismissed in the 1920’s.
  3. Gerard Douw; Dutch Genre and Portrait Painter; brother of Hester Janse, wife of Jellis Douwe Fonda; also known as Gerrit Dou; see www.artcyclopedia.com; born 7-Apr-1613, died 9-Feb-1675 at 61 years of age; the son of a glass painter, he was apprenticed to an engraver and worked from 1628 to 1631 in the studio of the young Rembrandt. Although he occasionally borrowed Rembrandt’s themes, he was more detailed and meticulous in his execution. His scenes of domestic, middle-class life were tremendously popular and often imitated. Among his most famous works are Evening Light (Rijks Museum), Young Man (the Hague), the Cook (Louvre), and a self-portrait (Metropolitan Museum).
  4. Sara Kierstede Heermance; wife of Abraham Peter Fonda; born 4-Oct-1804, died 15-Oct-1891 at 87 years of age; b. Michigan; d. Dutchess Co., New York; Burial: Rhinebeck DRC, Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., New York; dau. of Martin Heermance, Brigadier General in the War of 1812, b. 1765 in Red Hook, New York, d. Death: 31 JUL 1824 in Rhinebeck, New York; granddaughter of Jacob Heermance, Sr., Captain b: 15 SEP 1716 in Kingston, New York.
  5. Darwin Rush James, Jr.; President of Extract Manufacturing Co., and involved in Banking, Realty, Insurance, Public Libraries, Charities and Board of Housing; married Alice Burton Fonda; born 10-Jan-1873; b. Brooklyn, New York; son of Hon. Darwin Rush James, Sr. (1824-1908), member of 48th and 49th Congress (1883-1887); Darwin Jr. graduated from Princeton with an A. B. in 1895.
  6. Hester Douw Janse; Entrepreneur; wife of Jellis Douw Fonda; born 1615, died 1690 at 75 years of age; b. Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands; d. Albany, New York; after Jellis’ death, Hester married 2nd Barent Gerritsen in 1660 who died in 1663 (killed by Indians); then she married 3rd Theunis Dirckse Van Vechten in 1670; Hester’s maiden name was Van Arentsvelt; the Dutch family tree lists her as Hester Douw, using her father’s first name in Dutch tradition; another source lists her father as “Douwe Janzoon de Vries Van Arentsvelt”. Another lists Jans as Hester’s maiden name, which is from her mother, Maria Jans; see Stories for more…
  7. Johannes Harmense Knickerbocker; married Rebecka Marselis Fonda; Revolutionary War Officer (Colonel); son of Johannes Harmansen Knickerbocker and Anna Quackenbos; born 17-Mar-1723, died 16-Aug-1802 at 79 years of age; b. and d. Schaghticoke, Rensselaer Co., New York; bur. Knickerbocker Manor Cemetery, Schaghticoke, New York; brother of Wouter Johannes Knickerbocker b. 1712, who m. Elizabeth Fonda in 1735; Johannes was a Colonel, commanding 14th Albany Co., Regiment of New York Militia, Ten Broeck’s Brigade. Wounded at Saratoga, 16 Oct 1777. Died 1802.
  8. Abraham Fonda Lansing; Farmer, Landowner; son of William W. Lansing and Alida Lansing Fonda; married his cousin Jane Lansing Fonda; Farmer; born 10-Aug-1803, died 6-Jun-1883 at 79 years of age; bp. Reformed Church of the Boght, Boght Corners, Cohoes, Albany Co., New York; d. Fonda, Montgomery, New York; Abraham was the youngest of 8 children. He was educated in the public schools, and was all his life a farmer, owning a large estate just outside the present city limits of Cohoes. By his marriage to Jane Fonda, the sole heir of Douw A. Fonda, two large estates were united. the Lansing’s and Fonda’s of the Albany area had long been closely allied. this branch of the Lansing family had settled in or near Cohoes about 1760. they descend from Gerrit Lansing, the founder, and date in the Mohawk Valley since about 1650.
  9. Dorothy Fonda Ochtman; Still-Life Artist; dau. of artists Leonard Ochtman and Mina M. Fonda; see www.askart.com; born 1892, died Apr-26-1971 at 79 years of age; b. Riverside, Connecticut; d. Greenwich, Connecticut; graduate of Smith College, Bryn Mawr and National Academy of Design. Was a Guggenheim Fellow for study in Europe in 1927-28. Won many awards, among them the first prize of the Greenwich Society of Artists in 1947 and 1951, the Hooker Prize and best-in-show of the Greenwich Art Society in 1960, and the National Association of Women Artists in 1952.
  10. Francis Cornelius Putman; Innkeeper; married Maria Hansen Fonda; Revolutionary War Officer, born 4-May-1752, died 23-Nov-1834 at 82 years of age; b. Town of Mohawk, Albany Co., New York; d. Johnstown, Montgomery Co., New York; Dutch spelling Pootman; Francis was a Lieut. in the Revolution, serving under Captains Jacob Gardinier and Harmanus Maybie, and Col. Frederick Fischer; he was in the battle of Oriskany, at the taking of Burgoyne, and in the battles of Stone Arabia and Johnstown; length of service was about three months. After the Revolutionary War, he and wife Maria ran a hotel in Tribes Hill for fifty-six years. He received a pension in 1832.
  11. Lydia Gross Sammons; married Isaiah Hardenburg Fonda; born 1848; b. New York; 1930 Census, New York, Montgomery, Fonda, District 42; the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 64, page 56, Mrs. Lydia Sammons Fonda. DAR ID Number: 63167, Born in Mohawk, N. Y., descendant of Lieut. Sampson Sammons, of New York. Daughter of Simeon Sammons and Barbara Gross, his wife, daughter of Thomas Sammons and Mary Wood, his wife. g-granddaughter of Sampson Samson and Rachel Schoonmaker, his wife. Sampson Sammons (1720-96) was lieutenant of Exempts under Capt. Jellis Fonda, 1777, and also served on the Committee of Safety. He was born in Ulster County; died in Johnstown, N. Y.
  12. Arent Reyerse Schermerhorn; Landowner; married Anna Douw Fonda; Revolutionary War Soldier; born 1-Jan-1693, died 14-Jul-1757 at 64 years of age; b. Albany, New York; d. Schenectady, New York; Arent Schermerhorn inherited from his father “the easterly half of the second Flatt”, on the north side of the Mohawk River, where the Town of Glenville is now sited. He lived at “the Mills” a section of the Great Flat just south of present day downtown Schenectady, where Thomas Edison founded his General Electric Co. and where today stands the G. E. Steam Turbine plant. Arent’s name appears in Capt Harmon Van Slyke’s Company of Schenectady Militia in 1715.
  13. Marietta Smith; Landowner; 3rd wife of Evert Yates Fonda; after Evert’s death, Marrietta m. 2nd Ira Carey, Shopiere, Rock Co., Wisconsin; m. 3rd Richard F. Earl 1881, Shopiere, Rock Co., Wisconsin; m. 4th William French 1895, Lamberton, Redwood Co., Minnesota; she was born 5-Aug-1835, died May-30-1922 at 86 years of age; b. Montgomery Co., New York; 1880 United States Census, Turtle, Rock, Wisconsin; d. Lamberton, Redwood Co., Minnesota; Richard Earl (2nd husband) and Marietta sold the farm in Rock Co. Wisconsin and moved to Minnesota where she bought a farm of 120 acres from the Winona and St. Peter Railroad Company in 1887.
  14. Ada Laura Fonda Snell; PhD Professor of English, Author; daughter of Marvin Snell and Sara Eleanor Fonda; taught at Mt. Holyoke College, wrote “Palatines Along the Mohawk and their Church in the Wilderness” (South Hadley, Mass, 1948),“Pause: a study of its nature and its rhythmical function in verse, especially blank verse” (R. West, 1918) and co-Author w/Thomas Huxley “Autobiography and Selected Essays” (Houghton Mifflin, 1909); born 11-May-1870, died Apr-18-1972 at 101 years of age; b. Geneva, Ontario, New York; 1880 US Census, Geneva, Ontario, New York; d. Westchester Co., New York; BA 1899 Yale University; Massachusetts 1906 Yale University; PhD 1916 University of Michigan; student 1899-1900 University of Chicago; student 1904-1905 Bardwell Memorial Fellow Yale University; student 1927-1928 Oxford University; Phi Beta Kappa; teacher 1892-1894 Danville Kentucky; teacher 1896-1898 Philadelphia; instructor, associate professor, professor (English) 1900-??Mount Holyoke College writer.
  15. Douwe Janzoon Van Arentsvelt; Glassware Merchant, Mayor, Head of Glassmaker’s Guild; full name “Douwe Janzoon de Vries Van Arentsvelt” which means “Douwe, son of Jans of Vries from Arents Field”; born 1580, died 1653 at 73 years of age; b. Harlingen, Friesland, Netherlands; d. Leyden, Friesland, Netherlands; was a master glazier who settled in Leyden soon after 1600; where he met and married Maria Janse, dau. of Jans of Wassenaer, of Roozenberg, widow of Vechtor Vechterzoon Cuyper. Also a glass worker, Douwe became Burgess (Mayor) of Leyden in 1615 and also head of the glassmaker’s guild. He had many apprentices and at his death had many houses in the Kort Rappenburg part of Leyden, east side.


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