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Ace That Interview

Arts & Life – February 18, 2008

Job interviews are a necessary rite of passage into the real world. Whether you’re looking for a part-time or full-time job after graduation, a few key strategies can help students maintain confidence and poise throughout an interview and impress their potential employers.

Students Discuss Plans

The main goal of an interview from the candidate’s standpoint is to convey their skills effectively and market their strengths. It is important to come to an interview prepared with an outline of what to emphasize to the recruiter. Bob Orrange, associate director for Career Services, believes that preparing mentally prior to the interview is the key to success. (…)

Miles Fonda, a sophomore graphic design major, recently interviewed for a company related to his field. He took measures to prepare mentally beforehand.  “I thought about why I’d want this job so that I’d have a strong framework in my mind,” Fonda. said “It’s important to show them that you can be the person that they want.”

Some potential employers require submission of a portfolio and resume prior to the interview, depending on the nature of the open position. The number of pieces required will vary depending on the employer.  “It’s important to keep in touch with them,” Fonda said. “Lots of people just let what happens, happen.” Career Services offers information on all aspects of career searching, including resume building and interviewing strategies.

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