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Women in Business 2013: Geneva Fonda, Bear

Owner, Geneva Fonda Photography


Geneva Fonda
Owner, Geneva Fonda Photography

When have you arrived? Perhaps when you’ve been invited by Arianna Huffington to write for the Huffington Post. Fonda’s career as a photographer began when, as a teenager, she shot a wedding. From there, her work evolved into a true business that provides portrait photography and other services. That business continues to evolve, as Fonda becomes an author. Her book, tentatively titled “Her Brilliance,” relates life lessons she has learned from other women. It should be available in the spring. The dream: “I would love to create a philanthropic initiative that supports financial education, provides emotional encouragement, and inspires clients to elevate others as they have been elevated.”

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Geneva Fonda is a professional portrait photographer, author, speaker, and writer whose work has appeared in national and regional publications such as Ladies’ Home Journal and Delaware Today. She is a proudly born and bred New York City gal, who lives in Northern Delaware with her family. When she’s not managing the family home, Geneva meditates, does yoga, and makes crafty things. She advocates fairness for others, is very passionate about giving back and is an active and supportive member of community events while managing her portrait photography business, Geneva Fonda Photography.

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