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Senate Passes Legislation to Change Political Science Academic Policy

The New Paltz Oracle – March 27, 2008

Legislation recently passed by the student senate might help political science students double majoring in an outside department gain dual credits for shared electives in two majors.

SUNY New Paltz Student Government

On March 4 Sen. Jeff Fonda proposed Resolution 3 at the student senate meeting that could reverse the political science department’s policy of not allowing elective classes to be counted twice for two different majors.  “A lot of students weren’t aware of the policy until I brought it to their attention,” Fonda said.

“Students should be rewarded for putting in the extra work to have dual majors. Sometimes it’s not possible to have dual majors without having overlap unless they want to spend extra time and money in college.”  The legislation says that the political science department is the only department to have a policy listed on its Web site that, “Courses used to meet the requirements of any other major or minor may not be used to meet the requirements of this major.”

It is unclear whether or not this policy is unique within the university. The only defined college-wide policy can be found in the Student Advising Handbook, stating that in all departments there must be a 15 credit difference between the first and second major.  (…)

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