Oct 20

The book, “Famous Frisians in America” is now available for purchase.  There are 8 pages on the Fonda Family which detail the history of Jellis Douw Fonda, who emigrated from Amsterdam to New Amsterdam in about 1650.  It provides some ideas on his origins in Holland including some new angles on how he came to […]

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May 10

Some interesting information on our Anneke Jans connection… (connection verified through references in “Dear Cousin”; A Charted Genealogy of the Descendants of Anneke Jans Bogardus (1605-1663) to the 5th Generation“) This is an e-mail I recently responded to regarding this topic: Message On Fri, 08 May 2009 17:32:02 -0600, <mark@fonda.org> wrote: Hello Ronald, Yes, Fonda […]

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Aug 20

Marriage of Jelles Douwes and Hester Douwedr This is a microfilm copy of the original Banns (marriage vows) between Jelles Douwes and Hester Douwedr in 1641. Surnames were not used at the time in Holland. Douwes means son of Douw, Douwedr means daughter of Douw… they were not related, that we know of. The first […]

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Jan 01

Foyngha, Netherlands The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, “Amsterdam Records of the Fonda Family” states: “In Frisian records van der Meer did not find any mention of the name Fonda, but in the vicinity of Kollum in northeast Friesland, where Benedictus Jacobse (Fonda) lived, he came across the names Banda, Ronda and Sinda. He […]

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