Aug 25

Big plans in Fonda’s future The Leader-Herald – August 25, 2017 – Kerry Minor, Reporter, Fonda – The village is planning a new comprehensive plan to plot out what the future of the village might look like. During Tuesday’s unveiling for the new Nathan Littauer Primary Care center, village mayor Bill Peeler discussed the […]

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Aug 07

Weathered Ground Brewery breaks ground in Cool Ridge By Jordan Nelson – Register-Herald Reporter – Aug 6, 2017 Weathered Ground Brewery, located on a high-country 30-acre farm in Cool Ridge, has been a brewery-in-planning for two years. Saturday, it officially opened its doors, offering that distinct craft beer taste to anticipating locals. A joint effort […]

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Jul 24

Fonda fish farm happy under Italian owner Business,  24 Jul 2017  / By Sta Lucija – The Fonda fish farm has managed to expand as well as preserve its strategy and jobs since being joined by an Italian strategic owner a year ago.  The family-run business, which specialises in breeding top-quality sea bass, partnered with […]

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Jul 14

Interview with Former YPG Volunteer Mike Fonda July 12, 2017 – Mike Fonda describes his experience fighting with the YPG in Syria and the current efforts to raise awareness in the United States to gain support for the fight against ISIS.      KDP arrests two YPG fighters from the US and puts them in […]

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Jan 27

Story of Masonic Apron – Found at the Battle of Gettysburg on Culp’s Hill – Harrisburg Lodge Thirty-Six Years Later Discovers Owner and Returns Apron Gettysburg Compiler, Wednesday, May 5, 1909 Lost by one Federal soldier in the sudden shifting of an army corps at Chancellorsville, Va.: found two months later by another at Gettysburg, […]

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