Jan 25

Faith & Finance: A Boom in Religious Funds SmartMoney Magazine by Daren Fonda, Published December 22, 2009 What if Jesus were a stock picker? It’s a question more investors seem to be asking these days. At a time when investors’ confidence in the markets has been shaken—even after the big rally of 2009—experts say a […]

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Dec 27

The intent of this posting is simply to document the facts about slave ownership from a genealogical standpoint.  No moral or ethical judgments are implied. Prior to the Civil War, it was common practice for certain businesses to own slaves in both the South and the North.  Hopefully, this may assist some decendants in discovering […]

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Nov 08

Bright Idea: The Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb From the April 2008 Conservationist By Shannon Brescher Shea Since its creation by Thomas Edison in Menlo Park, New Jersey in 1879, the light bulb has undergone a number of changes. Many of the innovations that make the incandescent bulb what it is today came out of General […]

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Sep 18

Sand Flats Orchard 371 Martin Road Fonda, NY  12068 http://www.sandflatsorchard.com 518-853-4999 Sand Flats Orchard is a family farm owned and operated by The Hoffmans The Fall season is Apple season. Our offerings include U-Pick and picked apples.  Pumpkins, squash and other fall vegetables are available during September and October. Our bakery and store are open […]

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Jun 30

The pre-club: Old Precinct finds a niche Thursday, June 25, 2009 By Katie Libecco Sometimes one-night stands turn into something more. Youngstown, OH –  It certainly did for Old Precinct, a new downtown bar.  Manager T.J. Parker says the owner, Mike Fonda, 52, used to run a deli at the Phelps Street location but closed […]

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