Jan 27

Story of Masonic Apron – Found at the Battle of Gettysburg on Culp’s Hill – Harrisburg Lodge Thirty-Six Years Later Discovers Owner and Returns Apron Gettysburg Compiler, Wednesday, May 5, 1909 Lost by one Federal soldier in the sudden shifting of an army corps at Chancellorsville, Va.: found two months later by another at Gettysburg, […]

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Aug 30

The gravestone of E. Raymond Fonda at Albany Rural Cemetery, who gave his life in battle during the Civil War, has been restored. The work was performed by Grave Stone Matters on August 24, 2010. (click on images to enlarge) The work scope was more extensive than planned because of the discovery of marble side […]

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Dec 27

The intent of this posting is simply to document the facts about slave ownership from a genealogical standpoint.  No moral or ethical judgments are implied. Prior to the Civil War, it was common practice for certain businesses to own slaves in both the South and the North.  Hopefully, this may assist some decendants in discovering […]

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Jan 01

Henry Adam Fonda (1820-1896); John Giles Fonda (1822-1910); David Bartholomew Fonda (1834-1903); William Henry Fonda (1834-1910); Ten Eyck Hilton Fonda (1838-1923) Henry Adam Fonda (1820-1896) Sources: History of Montgomery Co. Born in Fonda, Montgomery Co., NY; bp. Reformed Dutch Church of Caughnawaga, NY; 1860 Census, Williamsport, Lycoming Co., PA; 1870 Census Milton, Northumberland Co., PA; […]

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Jan 01

This is a duplicate of the listing on the fonda.org website. Albert Dow Fonda; Dairy Farmer; Cornell University Agriculture College graduate 1917; born 9-Mar-1893 in Fonda, N.Y., died 19-Jan-1962 in Fonda, N.Y.; enlisted in U.S. Marines right after college graduation, assigned to Key West flight training school, WWI ended prior to completion; worked in New […]

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