Nov 10

I had my DNA tested a few months ago, using the Paternal Lineage Y-46 method through I compared my results to some info I found on the Frisian peoples and to a couple of other individuals who joined my Fonda DNA Group on There is not yet enough DNA data to find any […]

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Nov 05

According to Wikipedia, the Frisian people are characterized by the R1b subclade U106 DNA profile: “Based on Y-DNA studies, it is believed the Frisian Y-DNA Haplogroup to be from the Haplogroup U106/S21 and its downstream subclades. Reference Haplogroup R1b (Y-DNA). U106 is defined as R1b1b2a1a by Family Tree DNA. U106 subclades include R1a1b1b2a1a1, R1a1b1b2a1a2, R1a1b1b2a1a3, […]

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Aug 21

Visit the Fonda DNA Group and be one of the first to compare your chromosomes! By comparing your DNA Ancestry test results with others, you can determine to what extent you are related. For example, the more closely your result set matches another’s, the narrower the range of generations between the two of you and […]

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