Nov 27

Fonda – Better Days (Album Review) In the eight years between Catching up to the Future and Fonda’s new EP, Better Days, the band’s principal songwriting duo, Emily Cook and David Klotz, have devoted their energies to some truly questionable projects: Cook contributed to the screenplay of the execrable Gnomeo & Juliet, while Klotz is […]

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Oct 22

Blane Fonda – 10.03.11 Interviewed by: Jenny Tate (10/11/11) The following is a mini interview of generic questions that we posed to all bands that wanted to answer: Blane Fonda (Questions answered by Matthew Witt) 1. How did you get your band name? Blane Fonda is a pen name that our singer […]

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Sep 05

Daniels went down to Fonda Concert among events at fair September 5, 2010 By AMANDA WHISTLE, The Leader-Herald FONDA, NY – With the stroke of a bow on a fiddle, a crowd in the sold-out arena at the 169th Fonda Fair knew what Charlie Daniels was going to play next. The unmistakable notes followed by […]

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Jun 03

Olga Fonda Finally Arrives September 2011 Interview in Melroze Magazine. Casting Bits: Hope Davis, James Rebhorn and Olga Fonda Join Real Steel – June 1, 2010 – Hope Davis (About Schmidt), James Rebhorn (Independence Day, The Game) and Olga Fonda (Love Hurts) has been cast in Shawn Levy’s futuristic robot boxing movie Real Steel. […]

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May 03

Queen of the workout video Jane Fonda gets back in the old routine By Daily Mail Reporter – Last updated at 1:47 AM on 3rd May 2010 It takes more than hip and knee replacement surgeries to stop the queen of the workout video.  Jane Fonda defied her 72 years at the weekend, sliding into […]

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