Aug 21

Visit the Fonda DNA Group and be one of the first to compare your chromosomes! By comparing your DNA Ancestry test results with others, you can determine to what extent you are related. For example, the more closely your result set matches another’s, the narrower the range of generations between the two of you and […]

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Jan 01

7th generation descendant of Douw “The Patriot” Fonda (1700-1780) namesake for the Village of Fonda, NY National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution NSSAR #162043-12790 Oriskany Battle Chapter 6th generation descendant of Lt. Col. Adam Fonda (1736-1808) General Society of Mayflower Descendants GSOMD #2413-74900 12th generation descendant of Edward Doty (1598-1655) Albert Mark […]

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Jan 01

It is not known exactly when or why Jellis and family immigrated to America, other than the obvious desire for freedom and opportunity. There is no known record of the family on published ship passenger lists. A best guess, based on available information indicates they probably sailed on either the BONTE KOE or the PRINS […]

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Jan 01

[R001a] Early Irish in Old Albany, N.Y.: with special mention of Jan Andriessen, “De Iersman Van Dublingh”, Danaher, Franklin M., Boston, MA, American-Irish Historical Society, 1903, p. 17 [R002] Contributions for the Genealogies of the First Settlers of the Ancient County of Albany from 1630 to 1800; Pearson, Jonathan; J. Munsell Co.; Albany, NY; 1872 […]

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