Feb 07

100 years ago in The Saratogian: February 7 From the George S. Bolster Collection of the Saratoga Springs History Museum Posted: 02/07/16, 1:00 AM EST MONDAY, FEB. 7, 1916 Saratoga Lake is being overfished in the winter to the detriment of summer fishing and should have a longer closed season to preserve the fish stock, […]

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Dec 17

Historian bags Boston Tea Party link 1774 letter discovered in Montgomery County refers to tax protest By Paul Nelson Published Tuesday, December 15, 2015, Times Union Fort Plain, NY – In the spring Montgomery County Historian Kelly Yacobucci Farquhar went with her daughter on a class trip to Boston, where they visited the Boston Tea […]

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Dec 15

Daughters of the American Revolution Women in History winner Names and Notables: Dec. 15-21, The Mankato Free Press, December 15, 2013 Daughters of the American Revolution Women in History winner Lenore Johnson Fonda, Anthony Wayne Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Women in History 2013 Winner, was honored at the November monthly meeting in Mankato. […]

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Nov 12

Ami McKay’s The Virgin Cure Ami McKay’s debut novel The Birth House was inspired by the former midwife’s home she and her husband bought in Nova ‘Scotia near the Bay of Fundy. Her 2011 novel The Virgin Cure also has a real-life inspiration — McKay’s great-great grandmother was a woman doctor who ministered to the […]

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Jun 17

Photo album from family of Hamilton Giles Fonda of DuQuoin, IL: Photo (scan) credit Jon Yinger (album owner). The photographer is Mangolds, Mangold and Cochran and City Gallery of DuQuoin and R.F. Adams of St. Louis, MO.  The current album owner is interested in finding any family descendants. Tags: History, Midwest, Migrations, Portrait

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