Jun 03

Olga Fonda Finally Arrives September 2011 Interview in Melroze Magazine. Casting Bits: Hope Davis, James Rebhorn and Olga Fonda Join Real Steel slashfilm.com – June 1, 2010 – Hope Davis (About Schmidt), James Rebhorn (Independence Day, The Game) and Olga Fonda (Love Hurts) has been cast in Shawn Levy’s futuristic robot boxing movie Real Steel. […]

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Apr 23

Possibility In Objects Gioia Fonda transforms gutter garbage into art By Stephanie Rodriguez on 4-22-2010 Ordinary hurricane fence morphs into happy orange flowers, familiar green baskets that once held strawberries transform into whimsical city skylines and forks found abandoned in Sacramento’s gutters glisten brightly. These are Sacramento City College assistant art professor Gioia Fonda’s recycled […]

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Mar 23

Longtime University Professor Honors Mother, Assists Students by Establishing New Endowed Scholarship Cal Poly Pomona Campus News – Week of January 14, 2002 (older article, just found it) Ed Fonda remembers how his mother influenced him and his sister to pursue advanced degrees. Each eventually obtained a Ph.D., degrees that opened doors of opportunity in […]

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Feb 10

The Prince Street House Tuesday, February 9, 2010 – West Oakland Beat “The Prince Street House,” located on Prince Street in Berkeley’s south end, is filled with messy-hair-sporting, big-glasses-wearing, thrift-store-junkie type kids drinking cheap wine. Milling around the collection of paintings, photographs and other mixed media, Anthony Fonda instructs the crowd to go ahead and […]

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