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This is a duplicate of the listing on the fonda.org website.

  1. Jellis Adam Fonda; Gunstocker; born 1670, died 8-Sep-1737 at 67 years of age; b. Albany, New, York; Jellis was in Albany in 1697, and Schenectady, 1700-20. In 1777, a Petition was sent to the New York Provincial Legislature to split Albany Co. into two counties to create the new county of Tryon, after Gov. Wm. Tryon. Many of those same men who signed were Loyalists. Jellis Fonda, Douw Fonda, Arent Bradt (among many other names and many were illegible).
  2. Jellis Douw Fonda; Innkeeper, Distiller, Blacksmith; born 1614, died 1659 at 45 years of age; Jellis Douwes Fonda (1614-1659) emigrated to America from Aegum (Agum), Friesland, Netherlands in about 1649. He had his wife, Hester and three young children upon arrival in Fort Orange (now Albany, New York) in 1651. Jellis had been an innkeeper in Agum, and was a brandy distiller and a Blacksmith in America. His date of death is uncertain, but must have been before Hester remarried, in 1660; see Stories for more…
  3. Jellis Jacob Fonda; Gunstocker, Revolutionary War Officer (Major); born 13-Jan-1751, died 1839 at 88 years of age; b. Schenectady, New York; d. Glenville, New York; see Stories for more…
  4. John Cornelius Fonda; Carder (Cotton Mill), Inventor; born 12-Jan-1813, died 1-Jul-1896 at 83 years of age; b. Kinderhook, Columbia, New York; 1880 United States Census, Cohoes, Albany, New York; res. Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., New York; New York State Patent No. 8261 John C. Fonda, Albany, Albany Co., improvement in machines for grinding flock (pulp grinder), 7/29/1851.
  5. Pieter Jellise Fonda; Tanner; born 6-Mar-1711, died 25-Sep-1775 at 64 years of age; b. Schenectady, Albany Co., New York; lived on southerly side of State St. and Mill Lane and had his vats in rear of his lot.


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