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Crocodiles move into luxury lagoon

Thursday, January 28, 2010 © The Cairns Post

CROCODILES are lurking in the man-made lagoon at a luxury estate at Trinity Beach, posing dangers for pets, children and the area’s wildlife, residents claim.  Residents of the gated community within the Blue Lagoon Resort say at least two crocs have been seen in the estate’s 2ha lagoon.

Danger: Chelsea and Lachlan Fonda at the entrance to Trinity Beach’s Blue Water Lagoon where crocodiles have been sighted swimming.

Pictures: Cairns crocodiles

In 2005 developer John Murphy built a croc-proof fence across a spillway at the northern side of the lagoon after reports of sightings.  Resident Justin Littlefield yesterday said the fence was failing to stop salties from entering.  “The fence until last week had a pipe protruding through into the Coral Sea to pump salt water into the lagoon to control algae growth; now the fence has a hole as the pump and piping has been removed,” he said.  “I observed with other residents a crocodile about 1.5m in length cruising the lagoon on Sunday.

“Other residents report the croc ate a duck swimming in the lagoon. I’m waiting for a little dog to get monstered.”  Resident Charlie Fonda said he saw a croc’s head, more than 60cm long, peering above the lagoon’s surface while walking through the estate with his son Lachlan last week.  “I have to remind the kids to not go too close to the lagoon,” he said.

Speaking to The Cairns Post while on holiday in the Philippines yesterday, Mr Murphy said he had not heard of any recent sightings but didn’t rule out the possibility.  “Anywhere in Cairns close to water is prone to crocodiles, it’s quite possible something could get in there,” he said.

“If there have been reports of sightings the EPA will get called to do a search and will relocate the animal but it’s the first I’ve heard about it.”  Mr Littlefield said a croc-warning sign had recently been erected at the entry into Trinity Beach.

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