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  1. Bridget Jane Fonda; Actress; born Jan-27-1964 in Los Angeles, California; studied theater at New York University; she married Danny Elfman in 2003; Musician, Composer; born 1954; see Wikipedia, Biographies for more…
  2. Carol Fonda; Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer; see www.stepsnyc.com; danced with the San Francisco Ballet, Ballet de Lyon, et al; has taught master classes and workshops throughout the United States, Europe and Central America; has an M.A. in theater from the University of Miami, Florida and an M.F.A. in Dance from New York University’s Tisch School of Performing Arts; currently Artistic Director of Dance Forum and Resident Choreographer for Carol Fonda & Company.
  3. Douw Fonda; Radio Actor, Manufacturer’s Representative; born Sep-30-1912, died May-7-1997 at 84 years of age; b. Omaha, Nebraska; d. Denver, CO; attended the University of Nebraska; He had been a radio actor in New York City before he moved to Denver to start his own business. He was president of Douw Fonda Co. for 50 years. He retired as a manufacturer’s representative.
  4. Harry Stuart Fonda; Landscape Artist; see www.askart.com; born 24-Aug-1863, died Aug-10-1942 at 78 years of age; b. San Francisco, CA; 1870 U.S. Census, California, San Francisco, San Francisco Ward 12; 1880 US Census, San Francisco, CA; Fonda, Harry Stuart 1863-1942, Artists of the American West. A biographical dictionary; see Biographies for more…
  5. Henry Jaynes Fonda; Actor; born May-16-1905, died Aug-12-1982 at 77 years of age; b. Grand Island, Hall Co., Nebraska; 1930 Census, Nebraska, Douglas, Omaha, District 114; d. Los Angeles, CA; Academy and Tony Award-winning film and stage actor who as a young man portrayed honest, hardworking men, and as an adult often played heroic characters. He appeared in nearly 90 films, which include the Grapes of Wrath (1940), Young Mr. Lincoln (1939) and On Golden Pond (1981); see Wikipedia, Biographiesfor more…
    1. 1st wife Margaret Brooke Sullavan; Actress; born May-16-1911, died Jan-1-1960 at 48 years of age; b. Norfolk, VA; d. New Haven, CT; committed suicide by drug overdose;
    2. 2nd wife Frances Ford Seymour; Actress; born Apr-14-1908, died Apr-14-1950 at 42 years of age; dau. of Eugene Ford Seymour and Sophie Mildred Bower; d. Craig House (sanatorium), Beacon, Dutchess County, New York; committed suicide. (see “Don’t Tell Dad” autobiography by Peter Fonda). 1st marriage 1931 to George Tuttle Brokaw who died in 1936. She had one child with her 1st husband, Frances and two with Henry Fonda, Jane and Peter;
    3. 3rd wife Susan Blanchard; born 1928; stepdaughter of Oscar Hammerstein II, theatrical lyricist and producer; studied at the Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania;
    4. 4th wife Afdera Franchetti; Baroness; born 1933; International jet-setter, daughter of Italian aristocrat and explorer, Baron Raimondo Franchetti, who was assassinated while on an envoy to Mussolini on the orders of Churchill; Afdera had alleged affair with John F. Kennedy during the very week he entered the White House; once arrested for drug smuggling; detailed in her 1987 autobiography “Never Before Noon“;
    5. 5th wife Shirlee Mae Adams; Stewardess, Model; born 1932.
  6. Jane Seymour Fonda; Actress, Writer, Model, Producer, Activist, Fitness Guru; born Dec-21-1937; b. New York City, New York; attended Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York, 1960, Actors Studio, New York City, studied with Lee Strasberg. She was named after one of Henry VIII’s wives, Lady Jane Seymour; since coincidently, her father’s middle name was Jaynes and her mother’s maiden name was Seymour; see Wikipedia, Biographies, Storiesfor more…
    1. 1st husband Roger Vladmir Vadim; Director, Writer, Actor, Producer; born Jan-26-1928, died Feb-11-2000 at 72 years of age;
    2. 2nd husband Thomas Hayden; Politician, Author; born Dec-11-1939;
    3. 3rd husband Robert Edward Turner III; Media mogul and philanthropist; born Nov-19-1938 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  7. Joseph Fonda; Musician, Composer, Producer; see www.joefonda.com; born Dec-16-1954; b. Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., New York; Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts 1975; composer, bassist, recording artist, interdisciplinary performer and producer; an accomplished international artist, has performed as a leader in his own ensembles throughout the United States and Europe, and as a sideman with other bands as bassist.
  8. Mina M. Fonda; Portrait Artist; see www.askart.com; born 28-Mar-1862, died 1924 at 62 years of age; m. Burlington Twp, Chittenden, Vermont; 1880 US Census, Laconia, Belknap, New Hampshire; Fonda, Mina M.; Dictionary of Women Artists. An international dictionary of women artists born before 1900; 1985; Who Was Who in American Art. Compiled from the original thirty-four volumes of [American Art Annual: Who’s Who in Art, Biographies of American Artists Active from 1898-1947.]; 1985.
    1. married Leonard Ochtman; Impressionist Artist; see www.askart.com; born 21-Oct-1854, died Oct-10-1934 at 80 years of age; b. Zonnemaire, the Netherlands; d. Greenwich, Connecticut;
    2. dau. Dorothy Fonda Ochtman; Still-Life Artist; see www.askart.com; born 1892, died Apr-26-1971 at 79 years of age; b. Riverside, Connecticut; d. Greenwich, Connecticut; graduate of Smith College, Bryn Mawr and National Academy of Design. Was a Guggenheim Fellow for study in Europe in 1927-28. Won many awards, among them the first prize of the Greenwich Society of Artists in 1947 and 1951, the Hooker Prize and best-in-show of the Greenwich Art Society in 1960, and the National Association of Women Artists in 1952.
  9. Peter Seymour Fonda; Actor, Director, Writer, Producer; born Feb-23-1939; b. New York City, New York. Educated at the University of Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska; left a year before graduating; Peter Fonda, a longtime friend of Thomas McGuane, first saw Montana during the filming of 92 In the Shade (1975), which McGuane wrote and directed. Fonda married Portia Rebecca Crockett (McGuane’s ex-wife) in 1977 and moved to Livingston, Montana soon after. they have been permanent residents ever since; see Wikipedia, Biographiesfor more…
    1. 1st wife Susan Brewer; Actress, Artist; her stepfather was Howard Hughes’s right-hand man;
    2. 2nd wife Portia Rebecca Crockett; nickname “Becky” g4-granddaughter of Davy Crockett; aka Becky McGuane; son Thomas IV from previous marriage to Thomas McGuane.
  10. Sybil Clark Fonda; Impressionist Artist; Illustrator of “Palatines Along the Mohawk” by Great-Aunt Ada Laura Fonda Snell; born Jun-17-1923, died Jan-15-1998 at 74 years of age; b. Fonda Farm, Town of Mohawk (near Fonda), Montgomery, New York; 1930 Census, New York, Montgomery, Mohawk, District 44; d. Norristown, Pennsylvania; attended Mount Holyoke College; then Univ. of Iowa, MFA degree in 1948; taught Art at Tribes Hill, near Fonda, New York; member of Art Student League of New York and Columbia U.; granted a Fulbright Scholarship in 1954 to study Art in Paris for one year; resided on the Fonda Farm while exhibiting her art work locally, regionally, and nationally. see Website


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