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Rensselaer Residents Vow to Fight Plan to Build Cell Tower – March 20, 2008

Cell Phone Tower

The debate over a cell tower in the heart of Rensselaer may not be over. Two weeks ago, City Council approved a cell tower to go up next to City Hall. The city would collect just over $14,000 dollars a year in fees.

Residents say, however, it would cost them a whole lot more in lost property values.  The tower would be located less than fifty feet away from a neighborhood.

Resident Gloria Fonda said at a recent City Council meeting, “All of a sudden, no one is going to want to buy their home. Who on this council wants to look out their front door or their upstairs bedroom window to a tower 40 feet away?”

Residents plan to fight the tower. Their argument will rest on a provision in the city’s charter that requires a majority of the council to approve such a measure; with two members absent from the vote two weeks ago, that did not happen.

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